What is the truth?; Dahmer series

Netflix Junkie:  The Actress vs. the real Jeffery Dahmer

Netflix Junkie: The Actress vs. the real Jeffery Dahmer

Samantha Thoman

After the series Dahmer- Monster: the Jeffery Dahmer story came out on Netflix September 21st, there have been controversies on how accurate the new series may be. 

The original reporter, Anne E Schwartz, has spoken out about her concerns about the new series.  

“I had trouble with buy-in because I knew that was not accurate. But people are not watching it that way, they’re watching it for entertainment,” she said in an interview with Nora Dominick 

Though there is mostly accurate information throughout the series, there is also some big parts of the series that is inaccurate and changes the entire plot.  

In the series, Cleveland is portrayed as Dahmer’s next-door neighbor in the Oxford apartments and has several troubling encounters with him. Cleveland makes multiple complaints to the police about a foul smell emanating from Dahmer’s apartment, but her calls go ignored because she is black,” said the last reporter to speak with Dahmer, Nancy Glass. 

 “In reality, Cleveland lived in a different building and never met Dahmer,” said Monique Friedlander, after an interview with  Glass.  

Along with this, in the same interview Friedlander spoke about how “In reality, Lionel never taught his son about dissecting, discarding and preserving animal parts, and only found out his son performed these grotesque acts on humans after he was arrested.” 

“Ms. Schwartz, who went on to work in communications for the Milwaukee Police Department and Wisconsin Department of Justice, said the depiction of city police officers as racist and homophobic was incorrect,” said Bevan Hurley  after an interview with original reporter Anne E Schwartz. 

 Along with this, “the officers who released Sinthasomphone back into Dahmer’s custody eventually winning Officer of the Year awards. There is no evidence of this ever happening,” Trainor said. Trainor. 

Even though there were some major scenes through the series, there was a lot that was true as well. “It’s true Jeffrey Dahmer did often show The Exorcist III to people he brought back to his apartment, “ said writer Hayley Soen, after an interview with Dahmer.  

Also,in the same interview with Dahmer, Hayley Soen said, “It’s been reported Dahmer did call the family members of his victims and tell them to stop looking for their relatives.”