Tragedy in Greece

Tragedy in Greece

Brianna Homan

The devastation that occurred in Greece was an absolute tragedy.  A total of 57 people were killed when two trains collided.

“This was the most difficult moment because instead of saving lives, we had to recover bodies,”  Greek Prime Minister said. “At a time when we are counting the casualties and mourning, I do not want to talk about responsibility, we will talk about that when it’s time.” 

 The citizens of Greece blamed the government for the railway and the fact that the railways should’ve been repaired many years ago. This atrocity could have been avoided and the local government didn’t do anything to protect their people. Many people who were in higher authority resigned due to the train crash.  

Citizens who pay their taxes should have proper roads and railways for safety and shouldn’t have their lives in danger due to government neglect.  

There are still a lot of people who are missing and haven’t been deemed deceased. The family of the missing people provided the coroner with their DNA to possibly identify potential victims.  

It doesn’t appear they will be able to locate anyone else alive within the next 48 hours.