During and After Covid-19

During and After Covid-19

Evelyn Donu-Duran

COVID-19 did change people’s lives, but how? It impacted others, but it did in a good way. 


Most people say that they would’ve been a whole different person. Can you believe how a pandemic can change the whole world and how they do things differently or the same? 


It’s been two years since lockdown ended. It’s crazy how a small virus went around, person to person, keeping everyone inside homes for a long period of time.  

Students were interviewed and were asked about what changed them or what they see/do things differently because of COVID-19. 

This is what they said:  


Leana Caban a 9th grader, said how much it didn’t affect her or her family from the way they did things the same before and during lockdown/pandemic. 

“Not a lot, my family pretty much stayed normal. Cause I was never really stuck at home. And because of the way my parents worked,” Caban said. 

Everyone had stayed home during lockdown for months, no one else was out during the pandemic. 

Everyone should’ve gone through that. Everybody was stuck at home; people stayed in their room and did not socialize with anybody at all. Sarah Nafziger, M.D., vice president for Clinical Support Services said, “We’ve had to shift the way we approach most things in our lives.”

This is in fact right. During and after the pandemic, everyone does things differently based on what they’ve been through the past two years. 


Von Jones, a 9th grader explained how it changed people, and the way they acted towards others and the public. 

 “The way COVID-19 made me see things differently is how it changed people. It made others more aggressive and crazy buying stuff like toilet paper. It made me see people’s true colors when they only care about themselves and not others. I want to watch myself and my family, not others,” Jones said. 

People did eventually reveal their true colors when they bought everything they needed. 

It’s so sad how others did not have a good time being stuck in the house. All they could really do is go on TikTok and see what’s trending about COVID-19. TikTok had where the cases are, how many people are affected, and the number of cases there are around the world.  

Most people missed the chance to do what they wanted to do. Others got the virus and were not able to do what they had to do, due to being in the hospital and death.  Every hospital was either full of patients or closed. Everyone was separated from others, people gained anxiety and got anti-social from it. UAB talks about the impact during the pandemic. 

The University of Alabama in Birmingham said, “While hospitals were full of COVID patients, another disease ran rampant through many homes. Lockdowns and quarantine caused many to be separated from their families, and with the unknowns of the economy, many Americans found themselves struggling with mental health.” 

In the beginning of lockdown, everyone was scared and said that it was the end of the world, and they didn’t want to stay home. No one dared to get out of the house. At first, it was boring since there was nothing to do or hangout with. But then they realize that it was relaxing.  

Dayami Martinez Perez, a 9th grade student, also mentioned how she discovered things about herself.  

 “COVID-19 did change me because now I don’t know how to socialize, it kind of made me sad. But I got to spend time with myself and learned new things about myself as well,” Martinez said.   

Before the Pandemic, others had things going on in their lives with people they either don’t like or feel comfortable around them. This lockdown had helped them stay away from people. 

Nedra Glover Tawwab, a therapist based in Charlotte, N.C. said, “This is a wonderful time to really observe what things you miss, and what things you enjoy being away from. So, we have this time now to create what we really want.” 

A week or two later in lockdown, online school began. Not everyone had a device to use for it. Online school lasted for a year or two.  

Professor Tim Levine had stated that the online world was the huge impact for 2020 

“The biggest change in how people communicated since March 2020 is, ‘in a word, Zoom,’” said Levine. 


After online school had ended, some states/countries moved back to face-to-face school. Online school did affect others due to staring at a screen for hours.  

Mrinal Mohit explained how education will never stay on one side. It will always be between online and offline learning. 

Mrinal Mohit, Chief Operation Officer at BYJU’S, an Indian educational technology and online tutoring firm said, “I think the future of education will seamlessly combine offline and online learning and we will be able to find the right balance somewhere in the middle. We will witness the education sector take a leap from the traditional one-to-many approach to blended one-on-one learning experiences, providing students the best of both physical and digital words.” 

Besides all of that, most people would think that Covid-19 is a touching topic, or hurtful. They could go on about how they would be a whole different person than they are now. Mention how it affected their personality, or mental health. Others could say that it was the best time of their life, since everyone was online, they met new friends from there across the world, or state.