Blackpink is a mess right now

Blackpink is a mess right now

Nicole Grazioli

Blackpink has recently released a new album and fans have mixed opinions on it. Some say they waited two years for nothing; others are saying that they love the new songs. “The new songs aren’t good they had 2 years to put an album together and this is what they gave us.”  

Another fan said, “I think the album is really good and people that don’t like it don’t have good taste and music and aren’t actual fans.”  

But some controversy did recently go down between LISA (a member of Blackpink) and Spotify. Earlier this month, Spotify released the Spotify Wrapped for this year and it said how Jungkook was the most streamed K-pop soloist, but later on they said it was LISA and Jungkook fans were not happy whatsoever and started saying messed up things about LISA.  

Some of the stuff his fans did were body shame her, said the paid the owner of Spotify to change it, and more. “Lisa is a Thai monkey how is she the most streamed.”

It is truly upsetting and Spotify still hasn’t released a proper apology.