America awaits the new NBA Season

Vedant Yagnik

Everyone around America is waiting for the new NBA Season to start with many new teams getting new assets and new coaches who are really going to take the Larry O’Brian Trophy. Many teams are very excited with their new rosters.

Will the Warriors repeat or will another team take the Larry O’Brian trophy home? Lots of news going around with blockbuster trades going around in the league such as Donavan Mitchel to the cavs or Dejounte Murray to the Hawks that who is going to win the championship this year.

The Golden State Warriors won their 4th championship last season in the past 6 appearances. They really have good depth with Steph Curry, Klay Thomsson, Draymond Green, and Jordan Poole, and Jonathon Kuminga coming off the bench is very deadly and very scary for other teams. 


 According to Austin Dubose,“Sixth-man Jordan Poole is also another valuable contributor who can only get better as he develops. His shot selection might be questionable at times, but he is a walking bucket. With a bit more control and consistency, fans can expect him to continue to help Steph Curry with the scoring load .  


There’s lots of new teams coming up but one in particular is the Miami Heat. They have lots of depth on the roster Jimmy Butler and Bam Ademabo  and one off the best players coming off the bench Tyer Herro. His new contract consists of 4years 130m dollars with incentives. The Heat had a very good run last year with going to the eastern conference finals against the Boston Celtics losing in a nail-biting Game 7 with Jimmy Butler almost sealing the game with a game winning 3.  


According to Vincent FrankFor now, Miami comes in at No. 3 back east primarily because of its lack of a true No. 2 option behind the legendary Jimmy Butler. Bam Adebayo was Miami’s second-leading scorer behind Butler in the conference finals against Boston, averaging 15 points per game.”  


The Milwaukee Bucks are looking very scary coming into the season with the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo coming off a monster season and coming for a revenge season on what happened against the Celtics last year. Even his teammates are ready with DPOY (Defensive Player Of The Year) Canidate Jrue Holiday and Kris Middleton which is very deadly all around the courts. 


According To Skip And Shannon, “I’m Gonna Take The Bucks Over The Warriors In The Finals.” 


An additional team, a team to talk about is the Denver Nuggets With the 2x MVP (The Joker) Nikola Jokic coming off an insane season but unfortunately getting knocked out the playoffs in the 1st round by the Golden State Warriors, but many are saying this season will be a whole new story with Micheal Porter Jr and (The Bubble God) Jamal Murray. 


As stated by  Vincent Frank,It’s rather interesting behind Golden State in the Western Conference. We’re going with the Denver Nuggets as the No. 2 team with Michael Porter Jr. and Jamal Murray returning 100% from injury. Adding them to the mix to go with two-time reigning NBA MVP Nikola Jokic has the Nuggets as a legit title contender, and our most-reecnt NBA Playoff predictions take that into account.