China worker revolution

China worker revolution

Hunter Lynn

At China’s mega factory Foxconn, workers have recently started protesting their work due to outrageous COVID-19 restrictions put on by the Chinese government.  


With an outbreak of COVID-19 occurring in China big factories such as the Foxconn factory have had heavy restrictions put on them.  


Footage emerged this month of panicking workers fleeing the site on foot in the wake of allegations of poor conditions at the facility. Times of India said, which a is very reputable source in India. 


Due to the poor conditions of the factor that people are subjected to, it has caused COVID-19 to grow out of control, leading for extremely harsh methods of controlling it.  


Defend our rights! Defend our rights!”, while another voice talks of “smoke bombs” and “tear gas”. Can all be heard from the workers at the factory as the Chinese government try to stop the protests and COVID-19 cases? 


The harsh treatment of the protesters by the Chinese government has caused many people to walk out and leave the factory out of fear of their lives. 


The workers are reportedly choosing to walk back to their hometowns “in a bid to avoid being caught on public transport.” Not only are people leaving, but they are being forced to walk due to the heavy COVID-19 quarantine.  


Due to the mass leaving and protests Foxconn is trying to do what they can to stop people from leaving because if it keeps up then they might have to shup down removing 200,000 jobs from the market.  


“is offering big bonuses to entice workers back to its Zhengzhou, China factory after labor unrest,” said Arjun Kharpal a journalist who used to live in China. Foxconn is desperate to keep their employees that is resorting to giving out free money to anyone who stays or works for it.  


“The Weibo hashtag “Foxconn riots” appeared to be censored by Wednesday noon but some text posts referring to large protests at the factory remained live.” As China always does, it has been trying to suppress this incident from the public but something of this scale can’t be hidden as easily as they would want it to be the news will be heard.