Mackenzie Boyce

Teen overdoses are a big issue that many people don’t talk about or know about. Most people in school don’t think drugs are a big problem but don’t realize how much it has increased.  

In total, according to the study, there were 492 adolescent overdose deaths in 2019 and 954 in 2020, with data indicating another 1,146 in 2021,” said UN News | Global perspective Human stories. 

Drugs are a known problem. Some people may not think about how dangerous it is and how addictive. “The most used drug in America every year is opioids” said (cdc.gov). Drugs effect the brain and lungs, so for teens drugs effect their whole future. Teens don’t realize that starting drugs that early can really impact their chances of being successful.  

“When alcohol and other drugs unnaturally increase dopamine in the teen brain, the using teen gets the message, you don’t need food or sleep or friendships as much as you need alcohol and other drugs,” Betty Ford said.

Although drugs are the number one cause in teens deaths, another big one is alcohol. Alcohol and drugs give you that kind of euphoria effect, and make you forget all your problems. That is why they are so addictive.  Teens just think it’s fun to go out and party with your friends, but don’t think about the consequences after.  

“Liver damage, heart problems, “beer belly”, physical dependence on alcohol, dangerous health conditions, cancer, emphysema, reduced lung capacity, blackened or yellowed teeth and early wrinkle formation” according to Betty Ford are all consequences of smoking and drinking. 

With these facts and information, teens should really consider thinking about the consequences of what they are doing to the body.