AI fabricate Tom holland to play Link?

TechEblog: Tom casted as Link in live action movie “Legend of Zelda”

TechEblog: Tom casted as Link in live action movie “Legend of Zelda”

Lily Tipton

Actor Tom Holland is said to play link in live action Zelda movie, is recently found to be a hoax. Though the people are debating if it should become a real movie or not. 


AI have been used to create images and animations for a while now, but no one thought one day it would bamboozle all. 

“One artist’s masterful use of the AI program Midjourney tricked a lot of people into thinking Tom Holland will be playing Link in a The Legend of Zelda Netflix movie,” included Melissa T. Miller a journalist for Nerdist news  in one of her articles. 


Now the artist behind these photos added more pizzazz to the whole charade and made the audience more entranced by his work. 

“Leveille took it one step farther after the artwork gained popularity online. He had OpenAI’s GPT-3 program write a script to go with them. The prompt? Link revealing he’s gay. It’s great and leads to dialogue like ‘“I’m not just the hero of time, I’m also the hero of gayness,”’ Melissa T. Miller adds. 


 There are mixed reactions to the appearance of these photos. 


“There was some talk of Netflix pinning Tom Holland to play Link a few years back, there has been no confirmation that it’s in the works. If Netflix and Tom Holland aren’t already working on this, they should be because these images are incredible,” writes a Gayety staff member. 


Will Netflix be making this movie due to popular request? Or will they turn it down? 


“A live-action Zelda series is allegedly in the works. In 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported that Netflix was “working closely” with Nintendo to develop the television series, though Netflix themselves declined to comment on the ‘rumor,’ said Meera Navlakha a journalist for Mashable India News. 


One of the most important questions is what do the students think. Would they watch this movie or not? 


In a poll for Tarpon Springs High School students, more than 50% of students would watch the movie. If it was because of Tom Holland playing link or not, is up for discussion.